Clifton Heights Community Economic Development Corporation

A Memorable Past, A Bright Future

Why Clifton Heights?

Simply put. Clifton Heights is Ripe with Opportunity!

Whether you’re talking about location, super availability of Public Transit, a close community with a rich history, natural resources and a downtown “Main Street” setting, Clifton Heights offers a uniquely favorable combination of factors that make it a fantastic opportunity for development and revitalization.

Location: Clifton Heights is ideally located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania just 6 miles from Philadelphia and minutes away from the Philadelphia International Airport. Laying just off of many major commercial corridors it offers many business, industrial, residential, institutional and open space land uses.

Public Transport: Public transportation is fundamental to Clifton Heights. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) operates a bus route, a trolley line and a regional rail line. As trends and studies amplify, more people are reducing their auto dependence in favor of taking public transportation. The demand for housing within walking distance to public transit is expected to increase by 65% in the area by 2025. This asset alone places Clifton Heights in a unique position in regard to neighboring communities. This asset also underlines the need in the future for housing, retail business and services and open spaces for recreation.

Community: Clifton Heights enjoys a small town atmosphere yet has all the amenities of a larger metropolitan area. It is a close community with home town pride, a low crime rate, excellent schools, multi-denominational churches, athletic fields, community pool, parks, tree lined streets and affordable housing. It embraces its history and with the presence of brick Victorian homes, historic buildings and the iconic “mill buildings” its history is an honored part of everyday life and the towns’ character.

Natural Resources: The natural resources of Clifton Heights serve as another asset both for the community and development. Natural features begin with Darby Creek located along the eastern and northern edges of Clifton Heights. Along this area are parks, bike trails, a dog park and picnic areas. It is also the scene of the Annual Trout Tournament and other civic celebrations. Woodland areas exist adjacent to Darby Creek and alongside the Trolley and Railroad station. These environmentally significant resources provide another opportunity for recreational and open space development. The historic mill buildings lay in close proximity and provide yet another opportunity for scenic development of the “Life Style Centers” as recommended in the Main Street Master Plan.

The Best Conditions for Development:

  • Clifton Heights is a community that is planning for the future with a new Comprehensive Plan that will manage the town’s growth in a way that will preserve our small town values yet allow for continued economic development.
  • In comparison to neighboring areas it is a priority location given the availability of larger and varied sized parcels of land ripe for development, high visibility and ease of access.
  • Emerging economic and environmental trends point to an increased awareness of location of housing, offices, business and recreation. Clifton Heights is positioned to meet those demands with its location, public transit, natural resources and available land, properties, existing building stock and historic buildings.
  • Clifton Heights is identified as a strong retail market with a very high “capture rate” of 68% in the area of 5 municipalities and a high proportion of residents in the family life stage. An existing “Main Street” is in the center of town and in close proximity to civic, municipal and retail sites. Focus groups with residents indicated a strong desire to shop and do business in their own home town setting. Redevelopment in the Business Center will attract new retailers and offices.
  • Clifton Heights is truly at the Crossroads to Success…

    Let’s Make Business History Together!!