Clifton Heights Community Economic Development Corporation

A Memorable Past, A Bright Future



The Mission of the CHCEDC is to create a prosperous and thriving business community in our town. One that will help to create jobs and opportunities to enrich the quality of life for the citizens of our community. We intend to accomplish this by assisting new and existing businesses find the information, resources and financial incentives they need to reach everyone’s goal of having a successful and thriving community and business corridor.

The immediate goals of the CHCEDC are to implement the adopted recommendations of the Main Street Master Plan, particularly the redevelopment of the Business Center and reconfiguration of the Baltimore Avenue and Springfield Road intersection. With public grants available several key properties have been purchased within the Business Center area in anticipation of redeveloping the Business Center with a public access space and Municipal, Retail and housing mix. Some of these parcels are developer ready and initiatives await interested parties. A preliminary design plan for the intersection at Baltimore Avenue and Springfield Road has been completed as a result of a Smart Transportation Grant. CHCEDC’s priority goal is to virtually remake the Baltimore Avenue- Springfield Road nexus and the adjacent developer ready parcels into a “downtown” community center.

Remaining goals of the CHCEDC are the redevelopment of the remaining two Impact Areas, the Clifton Station Area and the Clifton Lifestyle Center. Along with the Business Center these two areas were designated as vital revitalization hubs by the Baltimore Avenue Corridor Revitalization Plan. The Main Street Master Plan carried forward the land use, urban design and economic plans recommended from the Baltimore Avenue Corridor Revitalization Plan and the Clifton Heights Borough Joint Comprehensive Plan.

The CHCEDC recognizes forward thinking opportunities in its efforts to spearhead revitalization in Clifton Heights.

  • Pursue a new mixed use Borough Hall facility that encourages activity along Springfield Road
  • Improve local economic development capacity and awareness
  • Attract developers for quality development
  • Consolidate and redevelop land tracts with new uses
  • Change orientation of building and parking along street frontage
  • Take advantage of underutilized and vacant properties to promote new retail and cultural venue settings
  • Encourage the improvement of existing infrastructure and the construction of new infrastructure to increase marketability
  • Identify and eliminate barriers impeding business investment and job creation

The Board of Directors

Joseph Lombaro, President

James Salmon, Vice President

Dominick Longhi, Treasurer

Robert Neef, Secretary

Michael Adorante, Board Member

Ron Berry, Board Member

William D'Antonio, Board Member

Joseph Mariano, Board Member

Ken Scott, Board Member

De La Salle Home Association Board of Management

Nicholas A. Micozzie, President

Richard Angelucci, Vice President

Pat Flanagan, Treasurer

Al Berardocco, Secretary

Jack Bierling, Board Member

Jack Cruice, Board Member

Pat Joyce, Board Member

Joe Kirkwood, Board Member

Ray McGoldrick, Board Member

The Corporation

The Clifton Heights Community and Economic Development Corporation (CHCEDC) was created in the summer of 2008, during the Main Street Master Planning Process. It was formed as a nonprofit development arm of the Clifton Heights Borough and charged with exclusively focusing on economic development and championing revitalization. Through tax status, CHCEDC can receive grants, contributions from partners, and other funding that makes it a unique, independent organization.

The CHCEDC endeavors to undertake a broad array of economic initiatives and lead efforts to advance projects recommended in the Main Street Master Plan such as the Historical Business Center Impact Area and the reconfiguration of the intersection of Baltimore Avenue and Springfield Road. The CHCEDC has developed working relationships with key partners including the Clifton Heights Borough Council, the Clifton Heights Business Association, Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, Delaware County Regional Planning Commission, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Delaware County Council, Delaware County Planning Department and State Representative Nicholas Miccozzie. All of the plans and projects proposed in the Main Street Master Plan are based upon Smart Growth principles.

The Clifton Heights Community and Economic Development Corporation (CHCEDC) is a 501(c)(3), non- profit, economic development organization committed to making Clifton Heights a healthy, vital, prosperous area. With a strong proactive board made up of members from the community and businesses in Clifton Heights, the CHCEDC, working side by side with chief elected officials will lead collaborative economic development efforts towards a successful implementation of the adopted recommendations of the Master Main Street Plan.

The CHCEDC will provide assistance to our business partners in the following ways:

  • Respond to inquiries with specific, thorough and timely information
  • Site Location Information Real Estate search assistance
  • Economic, Demographic and Market information
  • Assist with permits for development, environmental and construction purposes
  • Access to business financing Serving as a liaison between private and public bodies in coordinating and negotiating development activity
  • Discuss opportunities and plans for bringing together available programs, investment opportunities and appropriate financial assistance sources and government programs

Let’s Make Business History Together!

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